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Authors: Dr. Gerald Smith and Larry Gaspar (available April, 2024)

A riveting account of how illegal drugs were used as a tool to destroy the fabric of American society. This book starts with our forefathers who sacrificed everything to establish our freedoms and the republic because of the British tyranny that was imposed on the American people. The dialogue then shifts to the 1960s when there was a major injection of illegal drugs into our society. The chapters connect the dots of how the CIA funded and distributed heroin throughout America through Rickie Ross and his Los Angeles gangs with their nationwide network.

The information also ties together how Barry Seals, a contract pilot for the CIA, flew billions of dollars worth of cocaine into Mena Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor. The story line also connects the kingpin of the American drug industry, President George H. W. Bush, ex-CIA head who orchestrated the importation and dissemination of drugs to the American people while espousing on TV that the biggest challenge facing the American people is illegal drugs.

The book also covers the ravaging effects and devastation that drug addiction inflicts on American families. The book also details how our American institutions were infiltrated during the 60s until present to slowly transition our country into a socialist and communist state with widespread censorship, incarceration of political prisoners, and destruction of our economy. The information presented will shock most people to their core. The propaganda spewed out from the talking heads of the fake news was one of the major avenues how the shadow government created the illusion of democracy, freedom, and the American dream while trapping the American people into a prison matrix system. A must read for anyone who wants to learn the truth about America and help to restore our republic.

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