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Snake Oil vs. Vanish-Plus

Most people equate snake oil with quackery. This statement is partially true.

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Originally, snake oil was introduced into America by the Chinese. The Chinese brought special water snakes with them when they emigrated to America. In traditional Chinese medicine, snake oil was used to relieve pain and inflammation and treat arthritis and bursitis. This was due to the high Omega-3 fatty acid content of Chinese water snakes, which, when used appropriately, worked well as an anti-inflammatory. When the supply of water snakes dwindled, people substituted the water snake oil with that obtained from rattlesnakes.

Unfortunately, rattlesnake oil has a much lower content of omega 3 oils and therefore was not as effective. As a result of its ineffectiveness, the substituted oil got a bad rap and gained the connotation of quackery.

Vanish-Plus, on the other hand, represents an innovative technology that is far superior to swallowing a drug or vitamin. When a drug or vitamin is ingested, it must dissolve, get absorbed, and then travel through the body to relieve it. Vanish-Plus, being a vibrationally infused product incorporating the captured frequencies of the highest quality food-based supplements, is imprinted into a solution. If you had to purchase all the ingredients present in Vanish-Plus, it would cost $1146. When the combination of unique antioxidants, vitamins, and a proprietary blend of healing frequencies are sprayed into the mouth, the frequencies dissipate instantaneously throughout the body, bringing quicker relief than conventional medications or supplements. Vanish-Plus represents a new breed of innovative healing technology.

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